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The Chocolate Factory is just a short ride away. . .

Riders wait to board the Hershey Monorail, ca.1969

Riders wait to board the Hershey Monorail, ca.1969

By the late 1960s, traffic on Chocolate Avenue during the summer months was overwhelming. Tourists wanting to tour the Chocolate Factory and visit the park often created traffic jams. Downtown parking was limited. To ease congestion Hershey Estates and Hershey Chocolate Corporation agreed share the costs of constructing a Monorail that would link Hershey Park and downtown Hershey. There were two stations, one by the Sports Arena and one at the north end of the building at One Chocolate Building. People could board the train at either station. Dedicated on June 20, 1969, the monorail was both a means of transportation and a new Park attraction. The track loop was laid out to provide riders with a scenic view of Hershey Park and the Zoo. The monorail remained a separate attraction until 1973 when the factory tours ended and it was incorporated into the new Hersheypark.


Monorail passes over the Hershey Park Turnpike ride. ca.1969

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2 Responses to “The Chocolate Factory is just a short ride away. . .”

  1. Justin Weiss Says:

    I wish I could see what the factory looks like. WHy did they stop the tours?

  2. admin Says:

    To see images of the Hershey Chocolate factory, visit the Archives’ pages on Just search on “Hershey Community Archives” to find factory images. There are also factory images available on the Archives website, Click on the Collections and Research tab and search on “factory.””

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