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Archive for September, 2012

Central Hershey, Cuba

Seventh Street, Central Hershey, Cuba.  1920

Seventh Street, Central Hershey, Cuba. 1920


A new exhibit opened last week at the Archives.  Titled, Central Hershey, Cuba:  Milton Hershey’s Other Model Town, the exhibit explores life in a model industrial town established in Cuba in 1916.  The exhibit is open, free of charge, whenever The Hershey Story is open (7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.).


The flagship of Hershey’s Cuban holdings was a new mill and town, Central Hershey, located near Santa Cruz.  Much like Hershey, Pennsylvania, Central Hershey was a model industrial town.  It included comfortable homes for rent, a free public school, medical clinic, recreational facilities including a baseball diamond, a golf course and sports club, and a general store. 


Central Hershey sugar mill.  ca.1916-1918

Central Hershey sugar mill. ca.1918


The heart of any sugar town was its sugar mill.  Central Hershey’s mill opened in 1918.  It processed cane into raw sugar.  A refinery was added in 1925 so that refined, white sugar could be produced in Hershey’s flagship Cuban operation.


Central Hershey Elementary School, 4th grade class portrait.  1954-1955

Central Hershey Elementary School, 4th grade class portrait. 1954-1955


Milton Hershey provided free public education for his workers’ children.  Similar to Hershey, PA, Milton Hershey built and furnished the school buildings before donating it to the community.


Central Hershey baseball team.  3/4/1956

Central Hershey baseball team. 3/4/1956


Central Hershey offered its residents a variety of recreational venues, including a sports club, golf course, ball fields, tennis courts, a playground, and a botanical garden.


Can’t get to the Archives to see the full exhibit?  Visit the Archives’ website to learn more about Milton Hershey’s involvement and business in Cuba.

Bringing educational innovation to Hershey

The school year started that year on Monday, August 24, 1914.  Hershey public schools had been growing rapidly since Milton Hershey opened his chocolate factory in 1905.  Milton Hershey’s vision for changing the shape of public education in rural central Pennsylvania was first hinted at when he urged the Derry Township School District to establish a public high school, even though there was no town and farming was the predominant industry.


That high school opened in 1905, and while the graduating classes were small at first (2 students were in the first graduating class), the student body expanded along with the town.


Even though the McKinley School was enlarged in 1911, the school district quickly outgrew the expanded building. Enlarging the McKinley School was part of the school district’s plan to centralize and eliminate the rest of Derry Township’s 14 one room schools.   The paint had barely dried on the walls when Hershey realized that a new larger school was needed.  In 1912 Hershey announced plans to build a new school building that would permit the rest of the one room schools to be closed.





Construction for Hershey's new "Central School" began in 1913.

Construction for Hershey's new "Central School" began in 1913.



Construction began in 1913 with plans that the building would be ready for the start of the 1914-1915 academic year.  The building was completed in time and school year commenced on August 24 with 600 children enrolled.




M.S. Hershey Consolidated School opened Monday, August 31, 1914

M.S. Hershey Consolidated School opened Monday, August 24, 1914



The modern building was built with room to spare.  Its capacity was 850 students.  The modern facility featured 18 school rooms for grades kindergarten through 12th.   The school also included separate lunch rooms for boys and girls, a library, gymnasium, music room and play rooms for recess when the weather was bad.


I stand here very happy that I have been able to do what I have done for the public schools of Derry Township.  Milton S. Hershey, remarks at dedication ceremony, October 18, 1914. 


The building was dedicated on Tuesday, October 18, 1914.  The date of the ceremony was scheduled to permit the attendance of state educational leaders.  As a community event, more than a thousand people toured the building prior to the ceremony.  The program began at 1:30 p.m. and featured music provided by the Hershey Band, speeches by the School Board president, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Internal Affairs, and greetings from area school superintendents.


In their remarks, speakers  lauded the building  for its innovation and the opportunities it offered to the students.  Milton Hershey was praised for his generosity.  As the Hershey Press newspaper wrote in its summary of the event: 


 It was more, far more, than the dedication of a building–it was the dedication of an idea.  It is doing today what will be done tomorrow in all parts of the United States, the combining of small schools into central institutions fully equipped for the instruction of the boys and girls and with the advantages which the Hershey School offers.