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Welcome to the Hershey Community Archives Blog. Please take a moment to read these user guidelines:

1. Hershey Community Archives asks that you please comment only on the topics that are posted.
2. Any comments you send to the Archives Blog must be truthful, and not violate the rights of others and be legal.
3. Hershey Community Archives may, in its sole discretion, remove comments that are off topic, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable as solely determined by Hershey Community Archives.
4. The comments you send Hershey Community Archives using the Archives Blog are on a non-confidential basis with no promise by Hershey Community Archives to post, use, or reproduce these for any purpose whatsoever. Hershey Community Archives shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in your comments for any purpose.

Enjoy your time here on the Blog!